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Case Results of Atlanta Car Accident Attorney, Leigh R. Bodner

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Atlanta Car Accident AttorneysAt Leigh R. Bodner, P.C., Mr. Bodner has successfully handled over 1,000 cases involving virtually every type of personal injury and wrongful death claim. The cases listed are a sampling of the successful outcomes obtained by Mr. Bodner in Atlanta personal injury and medical negligence cases. Case results depend on many factors which are unique to each case, and the case results listed do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any future case. Confidential settlement amounts are prohibited from disclosure by agreement at time of settlement.  

Nursing/Assisted Living Home - Injury/Death

Our client was 95 years old and residing at the home with his wife who suffered from dementia. He was in good health and had mild dementia. His private caregiver came to work at 7:00am and found him sitting in a wheelchair by his bed. When she went to help him back to bed, he complained of severe pain in his hip and leg. He said " two thugs pulled me off the bed earlier" injuring him and put him in the wheelchair. The incident was not reported. The two staff aides when confronted gave conflicting stories about what had happened and one was fired. The State of Georgia agency that oversees elder care homes cited the facility for failure to timely report the incident and failure to timely notify the family.

The client was taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a fractured hip and underwent surgery. He was transferred to a rehabilitation facility where he remained for six weeks. He died less than a week after returning to the assisted living home. It is well known that the elderly who suffer hip fractures often die within a matter of months.

The case was settled on a confidential basis on behalf of the client's surviving daughter prior to a lawsuit being filed.


Medical Malpractice - Surgical error - Jury Verdict $1,500,000

The case arose out of laparoscopic gallbladder surgery on September 14, 2010 at Hillandale/Dekalb Medical Center.  Our client was 30 years old at the time. Dr. Stevenson used a bladed trocar fo the initial blind entry.  Although within standard of care to use a bladed trocar, most doctors, including the defense experts and the Plaintiff’s expert, do not use them.  Dr. Stevenson pushed too far and too deep with the trocar and severed Jamil’s right iliac artery and punctured the right iliac vein.  Although it was defended on the “known complication” basis, it had never happened with any of the experts or the Defendant in over 10,000 combined total lap choleys.  

 It took 7 hours for 2 vascular surgeon to make all of the repairs.  During a good portion of that time, blood flow was cut off to my client's right leg resulting in ischemic injury to the sciatic and femoral nerves.  He awoke with severe pain in his right leg.  Ever since the occurrence, he has suffered chronic neuropathic pain in his right leg and walks with a cane. He has a spinal cord stimulator implanted to help control the pain.
At the time of surgery, he was enrolled at Atlanta Technical College in the aviation maintenance program.  He had to drop out due to his disability.
Medical Malpractice / Wrongful Death - Sixty-eight year old woman presented to hospital with a broken arm. Routine EKG revealed she was having a silent heart attack. Neither the internist, orthopedic surgeon, or anesthesiologist reviewed the EKG report prior to taking her to surgery for her broken arm. Patient died during surgery. A confidential settlement was obtained against all the doctors involved.
Medical Malpractice / Wrongful Death - A thirty-eight year old woman was admitted to the hospital for a hysterectomy. During the surgery, the surgeon nicked the bowel causing a perforation. The complication went unrecognized and was not diagnosed until several days later when peritonitis had developed and advanced. The patient died in the hospital and was survived by her husband and five children. A confidential settlement was reached just prior to trial with the surgeon and hospital.

Nursing Malpractice / Wrongful Death - A seventy-eight year old paraplegic man was receiving home nursing care after coming home from a hospital stay for pneumonia. While the private duty nurse was being inattentive to her patient, he went outside in his wheelchair and tragically fell into the mostly drained back yard swimming pool. He drowned in less than three feet of water before the nurse noticed he was missing and found him in the pool. She panicked and made no effort to resuscitate her patient. Case was settled against the nursing agency for a confidential amount.

Construction Accident - Fifty-five year old client was hired to install drainage between buildings on the premises of a manufacturing plant. While digging a drainage trench with a backhoe, the bucket struck underground power cables causing an electrical shock injury to the operator. Employees of the plant had covered up the markings for the power lines. Although client was discharged from the emergency room with what appeared to be only minor injuries, his condition deteriorated over the next several months. He suffered significant back and leg pain, incontinence and short term memory loss. After mediation, and just prior to trial, case settled for $750,000.00.

Automobile/Truck Accident - My client, a 43 year old lady, was driving south on I-85  in Gwinnett County when a demolition/explosives truck, in the lane to her left, attempted to change lanes to its right. The truck struck her car, and the lug nuts of the truck's wheel tore into her driver's door, tearing metal and dragged her down the road. When her car finally broke loose, it skidded off the road, went down a culvert and rolled onto its roof. She was able to crawl out of the car, and although severely shaken, she had no visible injuries and declined to be taken from the scene by ambulance. Later that day, she began having back pain which grew worse over the next few weeks. After physical therapy didn't help, an MRI showed a large herniated disc in her low back.  She ultimately had back surgery consisting of a one level discectomy and fusion. Shortly after a lawsuit was filed, the truck's insurance company suggested mediation. The top offer at mediaiton was $300,000.00 which we declined. The case was vigorously prepared for trial. The case then settled for $650,000.00.

Automobile Accident - Client was a dentist who was rear ended while at a stoplight,. Moderate damage to his vehicle. He did not appear to be injured at the scene, but developed back pain thereafter. He was diagnosed with a herniated disc and had back surgery with an overnight stay. Case settled for all available insurance policy limits of $500,000.00.

Motorcycle Accident - Husband and wife weekend motorcycle riders were injured when a car made an improper left turn into their path and the motorcycle struck the right side of the vehicle. Husband sustained only minor injuries, but wife sustained fractures to her tibia (lower leg) and femur (thigh bone). Surgery and extensive rehabilitation was required. Case settled for all available insurance limits of $500,000.00.

Automobile Accident - 60 year old male client was proceeding through intersection with green light when another vehicle ran red light and struck left front of client's car. Damage was minor, but client complained of neck pain at the scene. After a year of conservative treatment, including physical therapy, client underwent neck surgery whcih involved repairing a herniated disc and the fusion of two vertebrae. The defense argued that my client's neck condition pre-existed the accident and was degenerative. Although that was probably the case, client had never had neck problems before, and his doctor testified that the wreck was responsible for his having to undergo surgery. Case settled before trial for $400,000.00.

Automobile Accident - Client sustained knee injury requiring surgery after a drunk driver rear ended the vehicle in which he was a passenger. Drunk driver fled the scene but was found and arrested the following morning. Case settled for $375,000.00.

Trucking Accident - Client, a house painter, was injured when an industrial size spool of cable, which had not been properly secured to the flatbed trailer, came loose on the highway and struck the side of his vehicle. Client sustained a fractured hip which required surgery. Case settled for $400,000.00.

Truck Accident - Young female driver suffered broken leg after cement mixer lost control and turned over on the highway in her path. Infection which developed in the leg required home IV antibiotic therapy. Case settled for $320,000.00.

Automobile Accident - My client, a 24 year old female, was injured when the driver of the car in which she was riding decided to show off in his $100,000 Mercedes. He was going well over 50 mph in a 25 mpg neighborhood, lost control in a curve, stuck a tree and flipped the car. Client suffered a fractured elbow and cuts to her arm and leg that left scars. Case settled prior to trial for $225,000.00.

Apartment Pool Drowning - Seventeen year old girl from Ghana drowned in a swimming pool at the apartment complex where her father lived. The county ordinance mandated lifeline separating the shallow from the deep end of the pool had been removed from the pool at the time she drowned. There was a steep slope from the shallow to the deep end and no rope or marking showing the break point. Case settled for a confidential amount prior to trial.

Medical Malpractice - Sixty year old man came to the emergency room with chest pains. Although the EKG results were not such that a powerful clot busting drug should have been given, the drug (TPA) was administered by the ER physician and allowed to continue by the cardiologist who was then called. The patient suffered a bleed in his brain, causing a stroke, as a result of the negligent administration of TPA, suffered permanent right side weakness, and was unable to return to work as an airline mechanic. Case settled for $850,000.00.

Propane Tank Leak / Burn Injury - Client had an empty portable propane tank for his backyard grill filled at a U-Haul store. The tank was overfilled and developed a small, slow leak while in the back seat of client’s vehicle. Although the amount of propane gas that escaped the cylinder was very small, when client lit a cigarette, a fire/explosion occurred causing burns to client’s hands and arm. Case settled for $325,000.00.

Burn Injury - Thirty five year old was burned by hot wax across his hand and leg when he attempted to remove a flaming pot from the stove and take it outside. He was a guest in the home where his aunt had placed a candle in a pot on the stove top to release the scent. The candle had a warning against heating the wax. She then left the pot unattended and a fire began which threatened the household. Case settled against homeowners insurance for $235,000.00.

Sewer Gas Leak in Apartment - Female tenant in an upscale apartment complex began suffering from chronic respiratory illnesses. She would detect an odd smell in her apartment which would quickly dissipate. Numerous complaints to management did not produce results. After insisting that outside contractors be brought in, it was discovered that, during construction of the apartment, the U trap had not been installed and sewer gas was infiltrating the apartment. The gas would paralyze the olfactory nerves making the gas appear to be odorless. Client suffered chronic respiratory disease and loss of lung capacity. Case was settled for a confidential amount.

Dog Knock Down of Elderly Woman - Eighty-eight year old woman walking in her neighborhood was knocked down by an overly friendly golden retriever who was roaming the neighborhood off leash. Client sustained a fractured hip requiring surgery and stay at nursing home. Settled with dog owner’s homeowners insurance for $250,000.00.

Medical Malpractice - Fifty-five year old woman had reduced circulation to her feet. She presented to her primary care doctor with pain and discoloration. Doctor delayed in obtaining proper diagnostic tests and referral to a vascular surgeon. Client had amputation of two toes on one foot and one toe on other foot. Case settled for $425,000.00.

Slip and Fall on Ice - Five days after the snow and ice storm in 2011, my client slipped and fell on a patch of black ice that was at the entrance to a well known grocery store. Store management and employees knew of the hazardous condition at their entrance, but didn't do anything about it because the shopping center lease said the shopping center management was responsible for maintaing the area. However, Georgia law says the occupier of the premises has a duty to keep its premises and approaches safe for customers. My client suffered a torn rotator cuff in her shoulder which required surgery. The case settled shortly before the scheduled trial for $250,000.00.

Motorcycle Accident - Car failed to yield when entering roadway and pulled out in front of client on motorcycle. Although motorcycle did not hit the car, rider/client had to lay the bike down and sustained fractured ankle and lacerations to his knee. Case settled for all available insurance limits of $150,000.00.

Trucking Accident - Client’s vehicle was side-swiped by a tractor trailer on the interstate highway. Client’s head struck his side window causing a mild traumatic brain injury. Client was a 23 year old male college student. Case settled for confidential amount.

Medical Malpractice - Orthopedist performed bunionectomy on 43 year old female. Excessive bone was removed from the big toe requiring additional surgery to fuse the big toe in place. Case settled for $200,000.00.

Medical Malpractice - Orthopedic surgeon negligent in performance of foot surgery. Case settled for confidential amount.

Dog Chasing Bicyclist - Unleashed dog attacked woman riding bicycle causing her to fall and strike her head on the pavement. Post concussion syndrome. Case settled against homeowners insurance for $162,500.00.

Slip and Fall - My client, a 34 year old lady, slipped and felt a house where she was visiting. The homeowner had painted the walkway with a decorative paint and didn't follow the directions and precautions on the paint can. The result was a very slippery surface when wet. There had been a light rain. Client suffered an ankle fracture that required surgery. After initially denying all liability and offering to pay $1,000 towards medical bills, the case settled against the homeowners insurance for $140,000.00.

Automobile Accident - Nineteen year old female involved in parking lot accident. Suffered post concussion syndrome. Case settled for all available insurance limits of $100,000.00.

Medical Malpractice - Fifty year old accountant had lens replacement eye surgery. Lens was later damaged by eye surgeon during laser cleaning process resulting in visual impairment. Case settled for confidential amount.

Pedestrian Accident/Brain Injury - Thirteen year old boy was crossing street at a crosswalk. MARTA bus stopped at intersection and waived boy across in front of the bus. Truck coming through intersection, not visible to boy, struck him in the crosswalk. Case settled for confidential amount.

Medical Malpractice - Orthopedist, during arthroscopic knee surgery, caused severe burn to female patient’s knee. Burn was caused by electro-cautery instrument and occurred from the inside out. Orthopedist at first denied it was a burn injury. Case settled for confidential amount.

Medical Malpractice - Nurse caused nerve damage in elderly patient’s arm while performing injection for arterial blood gas test. Case settled for confidential amount.

Dental Malpractice - Client went to a dentist woth tooth pain. A lower wisdom tooth need to be extracted. The dentist had a difficult time extracting the tooth and, instead of referring her to an oral surgeon, kept working on the tooth in a very rough manner. Following the extraction, client had no feeling on the left side of her tongue. The dentist had completely severed the left lingual nerve which provides feeling to that side of the tongue. Case settled prior to a lawsuit for $200,000.00.

Podiatry Malpractice - $ 225,000.00

Podiatry Malpractice - $ 80,000.00

Podiatry Malpractice - $ 80,000.00

Podiatry Malpractice - $ 65,000.00

Podiatry Malpractice - $ 75,000.00

Podiatry Malpractice - $125,000.00

Dental Malpractice - $ 250,000.00

Dental Malpractice - $ 90,000.00

Dental Malpractice - $ 147,500.00

Dental Malpractice - $ 100,000.00

Dental Malpractice - $75,000.00

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